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Massively improve millions of lives

This requires integrity, influence, technology, vision, strength, and great energy.

I live, every day, in accordance with sound values and lasting principles. They guide me and maximize my efforts.

The roles of my life which support this mission are:

Family Man

My family, when taken care of daily, is a source of strength, resilience, joy, and legacy.


My daily cultivation of healthy habits creates harmony, restoration, energy, and inspiration.
This role is the source of my integrity which influences all aspects of my life.


By training the leaders of the next generation I help unlock massive value in their lives and the lives of those they guide in the future. This helps me stay on top of trends and to accomplish more than what my efforts alone can accomplish.


By nurturing services and products that meet real needs and scale well I help to reach millions, create economic value, and practice my ability to visualize and enact positive outcomes.

Principles and Values That I Believe

These principles are natural laws of this society. To break them is to invite unwanted outcomes, to act in harmony with them leads to positive outcomes.

Daily Affirmations

These mantras are designed to remind me of my values and princples in a proactive and positive way. They are present tense, emotional, and personal.
I have crafted these and stored them in my mind and when I face uncertainty they help remind me of my higher values and internal compass.